White Balance

White balance is a setting within your camera that you can control to produce photos that have the right colour temperature. Using the wrong white balance can lead to weird looking colour casts in your photos. We can also intentionally mix colour temperatures to produce some dramatic results. Here is my white balance chart which shows a matrix of white balance settings and their matching environments, showing which white balance setting to use in when lit by a particular light source, so that our photos end up with the right colour temperatures.
In my diagram, I have arranged the white balance settings which run from cool (blue) to warm (orange). Tungsten is at the beginning of the spectrum at about 2500K (Kelvin), Fluorescent at 3300K, Daylight at 5500K, Flash at 5800K, Cloudy at 6500K, Shade at 7000K onwards. On the bottom row are the matching light sources which these white balance settings are used for.